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Our Service & Fees

  • QVO VADIS (pronounced QUO): discretionary investment and portfolio management in Canada - stocks, bonds, options, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), FX Transparent Fee-Based Investment Management We operate a fee-based practice, where clients are charged a fixed percentage of assets under management. Fees are deducted monthly from client accounts. Plain and simple. You will always see and know exactly what our service costs you.
  • QVO VADIS (pronounced QUO): discretionary investment and portfolio management in Canada - stocks, bonds, options, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), FX $25,000 Minimum Per Household & $5,000 Minimum Per Account QVO VADIS Investment Management believes that everyone has a right to access and invest in the stock and bond markets. We are proud to have among the lowest account minimums in Canada.
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  • Our Investment Management Process Our investment process encompasses three broad stages: planning, execution and feedback. This may seem like a traditional investment management approach however we adjust for two things: "buy and hold" does not always work AND globalization has forever changed the definition of diversification.

Our Firm

Client Service Management
Delivering competitive rates of return on client portfolios is only part of the equation. Our Client Service Managers (CSMs) provide current clients with timely and relevant information about the management of their assets. An appropriate level of both verbal and written communication helps demonstrate our firm's commitment to the delivery of a complete investment management service.
Investment Management
Investment Managers (IMs) are responsible for making the day-to-day investment decisions affecting portfolios they oversee. These decisions include asset allocation, security selection and trade execution.
Accounts: NBIN Inc.
Your securities are safe because they are handled and held independently by one of Canada's most important providers of wholesale securities processing, NBIN Inc. (National Bank Independent Network).
  • 6. Tactical Selection of Securities
  • 7. Monitor the Markets & the Client
  • 8. Appraise the Portfolio's Performance
  • 9. Re-evaluate Tactical Allocations
  • 10. Re-balance portfolio if necessary
  • 1. Determine Investment Objectives
  • 2. Determine Investment Constraints
  • 3. Determine Investment Suitability
  • 4. Establish a Strategic Asset Allocation
  • 5. Select Securities
Selling advice, not products

100% of our compensation comes from clients in the form of an investment management fee. We work for you and no one else.

Unlike mutual fund salespeople, we do not receive any commission from any third party fund company.