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Business Owners

QVO VADIS (pronounced QUO): discretionary investment and portfolio management in Canada - stocks, bonds, options, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), FX
As a business owner, you would like to know that the cash in your company is working as hard as possible.

You enjoy focusing on what you do best and that is running the business you have built. You work very hard and just don't have the time to follow the financial markets. You see the value in hiring a qualified portfolio manager who can make day-to-day investment decisions and trade stocks, bonds, options and ETFs on your behalf.

New Investors

you need independent advice

Your family, friends or colleagues seem to think that their mutual fund portfolios won't help them meet their long term financial goals... What should you do? Seek out independent advice.

  • You have just entered the workforce
  • You are now married
  • Your house is paid in full
  • A baby is on the way
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Divorce
Our clients are intelligent individuals who understand the importance of unbiased advice.

Isn't there a conflict of interest if your financial advisor's compensation is determined by whether he or she sells you a product? The truth is, most bankers or financial advisors are only licensed to sell mutual funds. Therefore, even if cheaper or better alternatives existed, they have no incentive to tell you about them.

Our clients want to work with investment professionals, not investment salespeople

QVO VADIS Investment Management is compensated to manage your investments in stocks, bonds, exchange traded options, and exchange traded funds (ETFs). We get paid to manage money, not sell products.

Seasoned Investors

You have invested before, with the help of a banker or investment advisor. You hold only mutual funds and still have trouble understanding the fees you pay. Sound familiar?

Mutual funds can be very expensive. Transaction fees, periodic fees, loads, other expenses... There are numerous articles available on-line that clearly point out that most (over 95%) of mutual fund managers rarely beat their benchmarks. That's expensive underperformance that comes right out of your pocket.

QVO VADIS (pronounced QUO): discretionary investment and portfolio management in Canada - stocks, bonds, options, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), FX
You are a professional. You want to take control of your financial future and have hired an investment advisor. He or she does not return your phone calls and your account is usually in the red. Sound familiar?

You are a step closer to real investing. You have stocks and bonds in your portfolio and pay expensive commissions everytime your trade. Unfortunately, your investment advisor does not offer discretionary investment management because he or she does not have the required licenses and approvals to react quickly and decisively to protect your nest egg when the market drops.