Services Not Offered

Does QVIM offer financial planning services?
QVIM is strictly in the business of investment management and does not currently offer financial planning services. Make sure to search out a financial professional that holds the Certified Financial Planner designation.
Can the firm assist its clients with income tax preparation?
Although QVIM consults with chartered accountants to ensure that clients invest in the most tax efficient manner, we do not assist clients with income tax preparation. Relevant tax slips will be issued by NBIN Inc. (National Bank Independent Network, or "NBIN") after year end. Also note that investment management fees for non-registered accounts are tax deductible. Please refer to your accountant for more details.
I am interested in wills and estate planning. Can QVIM help?
We believe that a lawyer would be best equipped to handle your needs with respect to wills. At this time, QVIM does not provide estate planning services.
Does QVIM provide legal advice?
QVIM does not provide legal advice to its clients. Please see your lawyer for more details.
Can QVIM assist me with my insurance needs?
At this time, QVIM is not licensed to provide advice or sell insurance to its clients. Insurance brokers are commission-based, and actuarial assumptions vary from insurance company to insurance company. For these reasons we do recommend shopping around for insurance coverages as prices will vary.
I am a "snowbird" and leave Canada for an extended duration during the winter. Am I still eligible to receive service from QVIM will abroad?
This is handled on a casy-by-case basis but in most circumstances you would still be eligible to receive service as long as you remain a permanent resident of Ontario or Quebec. For more information please call or to discuss further.