How can I be sure that my investments are safe?
QVIM does not hold client assets and has selected NBIN Inc. (National Bank Independent Network, or "NBIN") for custodial and safekeeping services. This decision is based on their experience and reputation in the investment industry as well as the strength and brand of National Bank of Canada. Since 2011, National Bank has been named one of the 20 strongest banks in the world by Bloomberg Markets magazine for three years in a row. NBIN is Canada's premier provider of comprehensive financial solutions to Investment Counselling firms.
How can I verify that QVIM is in good standing with the securities regulators?
Provincial securities commissions maintain investor warning and complaint sections on their websites: Ontario | Quebec
Although highly unlikely, what would happen to my investments if QVIM went bankrupt?

In this unlikely scenario, client assets remain safe at NBIN. QVIM has decided that it is in the best interest of its clients to use the custodial and safekeeping services of a well established brand such as NBIN. Client statements are independently provided by NBIN and client accounts are in the names of the clients themselves. QVIM only has trading authorization on client accounts and cannot deposit or withdraw from these accounts (except to charge investment management fees from time to time).

QVIM is registered with the provincial securities commissions and as a registered firm, must meet or exceed minimum working capital requirements to help ensure that it can continue to provide service to its clients. To further protect investors, registered firms are also subject to random audit by the provincial regulators.

QVIM claims to be a licensed portfolio manager. How can I verify this?
You can verify the registration of a firm or individual directly from the provincial securities commission websites: Ontario | Quebec
How often will I receive statements regarding my investments?
NBIN will provide clients with monthly statements. In addition, QVIM will provide its own set of statements to clients on a quarterly basis. Electronic copies of all statements are accessible via QVIM's Secure Client Website.