QVO VADIS Investment Process

What is an investment policy statement (IPS)?
The IPS is the document at the heart of the client / manager relationship. It is a document that lays out, in a formalized manner, a client's investment policy. An investment policy is an investing plan that supports and reinforces the investment management process for a particular client. This is written by the investment manager with the client's input regarding financial needs, objectives and risk tolerances. It is also the "road map" the investment manager uses to proceed with day-to-day investment decisions without the need to consult the client.
What is an investment management agreement (IMA)?
The management agreement is actually the final section of the IPS. It is essentially a sign-off page and it is critical that the client signs the IMA to indicate agreement with the contents of the IPS. Similarly, the IMA commits the portfolio manager, in writing, to recommend only investments specifically allowed by the IPS and to tailor their actions to the specific agreed-upon goals of the client.
How does QVIM define a household?

A household consists of one or more clients. Usually clients in a household will live at the same postal address but this is not a requirement. For instance, children may move away to attend University, yet they are still part of the same household as their parents.

I am a bit confused by the word account. As a client of QVIM, do I have one account or multiple accounts?
As a client of QVIM you will have a single QVIM web user account which will allow you to access most of your client information. With respect to custody of your assets, you will have one or more custodial accounts with NBIN. The number of NBIN accounts you have depends entirely on you and your investment needs. QVIM will help you assess which custodial accounts make sense for your situation. Custodial accounts are registered or non-registered in nature. Registered accounts have preferred tax treatment (deferred or tax free). Examples of registered accounts would be RRSP, TFSA, RESP, DRSP, LIRA, RRIF and LRIF. Non-registered accounts hold assets that are taxable.
I am interested in opening an RRSP account and a TFSA account. What is the minimum amount that I need to deposit to qualify as a client?
There is a $25,000 CAD investable minimum with no less than $5,000 CAD being allocated to any custodial account. QVIM is proud of the fact that this is one of the lowest limits offered by a discretionary portfolio manager in Canada. If you were interested in opening a RRSP account as well as a TFSA account, then as long as both accounts have at least $5,000 CAD and sum to more than $25,000 CAD you will qualify. Alternatively, if someone else living at the same address also becomes a client, you would both qualify as long as the sum of all investable amounts are greater than $25,000 CAD.