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Your website indicates that QVO VADIS is a portfolio manager. What is a portfolio manager and what can they offer the client?
A firm can register as a portfolio manager. A portfolio manager is in the business of discretionary investment management for its clients. The investment manager is responsible for making all day-to-day investment decisions and changes regarding the client's portfolio. Few organizations are permitted to do this. An investment manager must meet the highest registration requirements as set out by the securities commissions. Compensation is usually in the form of a fee equal to a percentage of assets managed.
Please explain what a financial planner at my local bank branch offers?

Bank branches tend to employ two types of financial planners: those with a professional designation and mutual fund salespeople. The certified financial planner (CFP) designation makes the first type of financial planner competent in providing advice in most areas of personal finance. Compensation structure can vary from an hourly fee to commissions on products sold.

The second type, mutual fund salespeople, use the title of financial planner to loosely and generically describe the services they provide. They mostly provide advice on mutual funds but may also offer services related to tax advice and estate planning. Their compensation is largely tied to the mutual funds they sell and comes in the form of a commission. It is very important to verify the qualifications of the salesperson.

What does a "stock broker" or investment advisor do?

A firm known as a broker or investment dealer employs salespeople. These salespeople are registered and regulated by the Investment Dealers Association and can carry titles such as but not limited to: financial advisor, account executive or registered representative. They buy and sell securities, mutual funds and other products but only on the instruction of the client. Every time a transaction is to take place, the client is consulted for approval. The majority of their compensation is transaction-based.